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Vehicle Dash Camera

Vehicle Dash


We are working extensively in providing robust security vehicle dash camera solutions for private vehicle owners,  transport buses, systems, city buses. 

Advantages of Dash Camera

Several major insurance companies, they would now accept dash cam footage as evidence in the event of a claim

By providing clear evidence of what happened in an accident, rather than relying on accounts from often shocked and stressed drivers and witnesses, camera footage can help insurers and police, and simplify a claim.

Dash Cam installed in a vehicle

Dashboard cameras can help with minor offences, too. We often witness dangerous or illegal driving, but few of us report it. That would require remembering or writing down the other vehicle’s registration number, and the police are unlikely to pursue the incident without evidence. Now, dashboard cameras are helping to track down offenders who use a mobile phone at the wheel, or drive aggressively.

Installing a camera might even make you a better driver yourself, and more aware of potential incidents. This means a dash cam can be a useful investment if you let the kids borrow your car.

To sum it all up , a dash camera is a great investment . At gssystems we ease your mind with our simple to install dash camera that has a very straight forward design. These simple cameras can be installed on the dashboard or the windshield of your car within seconds, thanks to their suction cup.



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