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Security is an important aspect of any home, office or business and generally, most structures use conventional manual door locks. Nowadays many people are replacing their old locks with more modern electronic versions.  Electronic locks use push buttons or keypads to allow access while more modern version even use smartphone apps to unlock doors.  This does away with the need to use conventional keys. We provide you solutions that will work best according to your needs.

Electronic access lock with app

Advantages of Electronic Lock

  • Convenience – they are somewhat easier to use, for instance, if you are carrying a heavy load it would be hard to search for keys to open the door.
  • Key-loss – with electronic locks you do not have to worry about losing keys
  • Child Safety – it is easier to keep small children inside using electronic door locks that are often childproof.
  • Access controlled doors, used to secure areas, allow only authorized personnel to enter into secure areas.  Individual personnel can each have their own security clearances managed through the Access Control System (ACS) during specific scheduled hours.  This will negate the need to issue keys and to change the locks when the keys are lost or stolen.
  • An employee that is leaving the company will simply need to have the database changed to reflect the departure, rendering the ID badge or finger print The access controly system (ACS) also electronically records every entry, with a date and time stamp, in case access issues arise.
  • Electronic Door Locks Systems have the ability to use the ACS to automatically unlocked and locked entry doors during business hours and locked back at closing time respectively.
  • Schedules also can be setup in depth to allow or deny individuals or groups access to secure areas during a set of pre-determined times.  Each secure area can have its own schedule or a group of doors may utilize the same scheduling

At GSsystems, we provide electronic locks systems for apartments, hotels, hospitals, businesses, classrooms, and dorms, any place where the security and safety is of major concern.

Whether your need is commercial or residential, call us now at Gssystems and our experienced staff are here to help. We achieve success by offering 100% guaranteed service.



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